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Education to Grade 11 and 12 learners

It’s time for learners to get curious, excited and responsible about all things financial!

Financial education from a young age provides a powerful head start in life. All things finance is not exclusively the domain of adults – the importance of financial literacy and the ability to manage one’s finances is something that all children should learn about – and the earlier, the better.

Let’s face it. Money affects every aspect of our lives. Students who learn at a young age how to balance a budget, what is needed to buy a home and how to save and invest are equipped with the vital knowledge and skills to empower and assist them when it comes to financial matters in the future.

Enter Money School – the virtual Financial Literacy platform and full-scale digital ‘classroom’ from where lessons on everything ‘finance’ is streamed to every corner of the country.

It’s time to Woza Imali! Know your capital gains from your compound interest and learn how to own your finances in the future!


Intro to Investing
and Saving

Unlocking the Secrets to

Interests Rates and Currency

Managing Risk and Return

Investment Strategies in a changing environment

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“Teens know everything, but the financial concepts that lie ahead of them can either be met as a stumbling block or a steppingstone. Rather than let them figure it out for themselves, we’ve seen how that ends up just look at our generation, give them the tools and the confidence to go out into the world and make something of themselves,”

- Kathryn Main, Founder of Money Savvy Kids and Money Savvy Teens